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Get Set . . .

And buy!  Gardeners are allowed to browse the hundreds of perennials laid out at the Bridge of Flowers Plant Sale – but no touching!  Not until the starting bell rings out.  This year the young woman in charge of the Annuals from LaSalle’s in Whately said for the first time she had two women poised over a single flat of gorgeous rich purple geraniums. They did not come to blows; they shared, half and half.

Bridge of Flowers Plant Sale

The sale runs til noon and committee members were on duty along with Carol Delorenzo, our Head Gardener, to answer questions about the suitability of a plant for a particular site, and share tips on plant care.

Bridge of Flowers Entry - Shelburne Side

I stopped at the Bridge on my way to the Sale for inspiration – which begins right at the entry.  I knew I would need to get home right after the sale to begin planting, which still continues.  I cleared out a spirea shrub that was not doing well and now I have a big new space that I am filling with blue and white flowers, Connecticut Yankee delphiniums, Blue Paradise phlox, White Seashell cosmos, annual light blue lobelia, Snow in summer and a white filipendula.  For a little accent I planted two beautiful golden Troillus globe flowers and a yellow yarrow.  Other perennials have been planted in other beds.  Most of the annuals will go in containers. Stay tuned.

Wisteria 5-19

One of the pleasures of the week has been watching the wisteria begin to bloom.

Wisteria 5-23

As the sun was  setting last night the air was filled with the sweet perfume of the wisteria. What a way to end the week.

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  1. Carol

    That looks like a lot of fun! I need to keep up with your blog to know what is going on right in my own backyard Pat! Unfortunately I could not grow most of these plants in my Bishop’s weed domain garden. Your Wisteria looks so beautiful in it’s beginnings too.

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