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Ty, Major, Rory, Betsy
Ty, Major, Rory, Betsy

No matter how devoted we are to our gardens, most of us would admit that the most important crop we tend is the children in our lives. The Major and I are happy to let the gardens take a back seat to grandson pleasures on these cool summer days.  We had to say farewell to Tynan, but we met our daughter Betsy and her older son, Rory, in Amherst for lunch and a ‘backyard circus at the Emily Dickinson Museum.

Tim Van Egmond
Tim Van Egmond

Tim Van Egmond was the star performer at the ‘circus’ singing songs, playing instruments and telling stories like why mosquitoes buzz in people’s ears. But there were games, and hat making and free kazoos.  I got mine.

Ty on stilts
Ty on stilts

Both boys tried to use the stilts. It is very hard.

We bid farewell to Ty and Betsy, but went on to an elegant barbecue with friends. After so much excitement we were happy to spend Sunday  taking care of the chickens, weeding the garden, picking sugar snap peas and visiting our neighbor Sheila and her goats.

Sheila invited us down to visit the goats at milking time.  Rory got to feed the goats, haul water, and give them a little brushing.  For his efforts he got a kiss.  And Sheila sent us home with some delicious chevre (that’s what you call fresh goat cheese) that she made herself.

Today we went to Northfield to visit Lorraine Brennan and her daughter Jennifer. Lorraine has beautiful gardens with so many daylilies in so many colors that she is about to hold her Second Annual Open Garden and Daylily Sale on July 18 & 19, and 25 & 26.  Of course, she has many other shrubs, trees and perennials, where once there was only a blacktop parking lot.  There is no question that gardeners produce miracles.

And that is this week’s Monday Report.

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  1. Tinky Weisblat

    Your priorities are spot on! Thanks for sharing your family AND the circus. There was too darn much going on in our area yesterday for me to get to everything I wanted to!

  2. admin

    Tinky – My children are always amazed at the local social whirl. Friendship and culture everywhere.

  3. Frances

    Absolutely, grow the family first! Your grandsons are so precious and handsome and your daughter lovely. Fresh goat cheese? Oh baby baby! 🙂

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