Compost: Feeds the Soil and the Oppossum

  • Post published:01/22/2013
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Possum in the Compost Pile

This opossum has been a regular evening visit to our  compost pile. I don’t think it is heating up at this time of the year but at least s/he is loading up on nutrituous peels.

ADDENDUM – I had forgotten that oppossums are Marsupials – just like kangaroos. Only smaller, of course. Lots of fascinating information about oppossums here from the National Oppossum Society.

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  1. Jason

    I’ve never caught them but I’m sure the same goes on on my pile, plus skunks, raccoons, and God knows what else.

  2. Nadia

    Wow!!! What a great capture! They kind of scare me though lol

  3. Pat

    Jason – A couple of years ago a porcupine was a regular visitor to our winter coompost bin.
    Nadia – My husband did get a good photo. WE can’t even go out to the henhouse without a camera!

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