Still Snowing

February 23 4:30-ish

February 24 7 a.m.

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  1. Snowcatcher

    Wow. And I thought we had it bad in Colorado!

  2. Pat

    Snowcatcher – This is the heaviest snow we have had all winter – and it hasn’t stopped yet. More promised for tomorrow too.

  3. jeff

    great shots — make me want to move close to the fire, look out the window, and enjoy a good book … *smile*

  4. Pat

    Jeff – How did you guess where I’ve been most of the day?

  5. Lisa at Greenbow

    I see a new sastrugi developing. Yay… I got to use that word in a sentence. 😉 Hang on to your hat Pat.

  6. Flaneur

    We;re having sastrugi (home-made) for dinner tonight! I am moved by your photographs Pat – moved, and terrified! We’ve had enough snow already, I’ve exhausted the spectrum of rationales for snow including restoring the ground water and reserves for summer, and when I look at the snow as it begins, I just see my day’s itinerary fall apart as I plan on several hours of shoveling plus the necessary days of recuperating. Years ago, in church in northern Maine, the minister launched into a sermon during a particularly generous snowfall and reminded us that snow was a wonder and that no two snowflakes were identical, etc. My mother was sitting next to me and was so exasperated at the poor man in the pulpit that she forgot where she was and muttered audibly, “Oh, what nonsense!” My father was mortified, but she made a determined face and nodded conclusively at the minister as if to say, “So there!” Snow. Indeed.

  7. Andrea

    Those are really thick snow! I am a new visitor here. As long as there are snowdrops,if i am from your climate i will always be happy to wait for spring! While you are still in that hibernation atmosphere, please visit my everlasting blooms, as in whole year-round blooms because i am from the tropics. Snow is alien to us

  8. Carol

    Beautiful trees!! Beautiful photos! What a heavy snow . . . my shrubs are bent and covered . . . many broken branches. We lost power for a few hours too. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods. I have a similar table design. ;>)

  9. Pat

    Lisa – As you can see I am in love with the word, and the reality, of sastrugi. Have fun.
    Flaneur – Snow does disrupt the day’s itinerary, but my groundwater does need to be refurbished.
    Andrea – I love the snowdrops – but I love your tropical blooms too.
    Rose – It’s going on here this morning. Again.
    Carol – This is the most snow we have had all winter and I am worried about plant damage, but the power has been holding strong. So far. It’s snowing again.

  10. Kate

    Your patio table looks like a beautiful perfectly iced cake!

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