Snow is Snowing

And the wind is blowing. I barely made it out to the hen house and back.

This is a day for staying home, browsing through Right Rose Right Place by Peter Schneider and considering what roses I want to add to The Rose Walk in the spring.  My daughter Kate in Texas suggested I build a wish list on the Antique Rose Emporium website. So I did. I hope someone looks.

You all have a chance to win that excellent book, Right Rose Right Place if you leave a comment before midnight December 11. On December 12 I’ll have a drawing and the winner will get the book and 2 dozen CowPots for their spring seed starting. Storey Publishing and Liquid Fence have made this celebration of my second blogoversary possible. Thank you both.

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  1. Gail

    What a telling photo! It surely makes me appreciate that we don’t get snow like yours…although, I do wish we had some snow! The wind is howling here with 40mph gusts…ad temps shall fall to the low twenties tonight. It’s winter in zone 7! gail glad you stopped by C&L!

  2. admin

    Gail – Seasonal weather in season. Can’t complain, but I am very glad I didn’t have to go anywhere today. My husband had a long drive to town.

  3. Laura Bell

    We just had our first snow – in 33 years ! Maybe an inch fell at our house (in CA’s Central Valley) where the elevation is approximately 160. The kids were very excited, but quickly realized snow means really cold temps. They are now ready for things to get back to normal. Me too – the winter garden is looking quite sad & frozen. Enjoy your snow, though. I do miss it now & then.

  4. Carol

    You are right Pat about today being one to stay home! I did try you link above but it did not go anywhere. Maybe it is my link but you might want to check it out. Love you photo and what a great color to your tarp. I have never seen that color before. Carol

  5. Carole

    Glad you’ve got your woodpile covered so you can stay nice and warm and toasty by the fire. Great photo!

  6. FlowerLady

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and posting an invite to yours. I think you’re going to enjoy the pumpkin bread.

    Your weather looks so cold, and most definitely time for indoor activities. It is 86 right now, and does not feel like December. We may get chilly weather next week. We turned our a.c. back on.

    It would be a real treat to win the book on roses.


  7. Freda

    That picture is worth at least a thousand words. I’ve been reading your entries for a while, about six months I think. Where I live we have about nine months of summer and three months of yuck, wouldn’t call it winter, it’s just colder, with more wind and more rain than the other nine months. It’s nice following you through actual seasons. Thanks for posting your wintry pic.

  8. Happy Blogoversary. I’m glad you’re here on the Net with us all. I don’t need to be entered in the drawing, but I will say I like Cow Pots a lot. Used them last year.~~Dee

  9. admin

    Laura – my daughter in Texas had snow! She said the roses were not happy.
    Carol – I will check the link. And the tarp is very heavy canvas. It doesn’t blow in our wind like plastic.
    Carole – Without a shed I insist we cover the woodpile. Makes it easier, and provides drier wood.
    Flowerlady – I stopped by both your blogs. Beautiful.
    Freda – Keep reading! We’ve got lots of weather in Heath, but we are hoping for no more ice storms like last December. It made for good pix, though.
    Dee – Thanks for visiting. I love checking in with you – and a different weather system.

  10. I sure wish we got that much snow! And it’s cool you have chickens. Ann Arbor finally updated its ordinance to allow people to have chickens.

  11. admin

    I understand the problem people have with with roosters, but chickens are cheerful, domestic and productive. Why shouldn’t we all be allowed to have some?

  12. Kate

    Saw you over at my place so wanted to drop by and say hello! Yikes. Your photo sort of says it all. A good day to be indoors, with a warm fire and a good book! Speaking of books, your giveaway sounds interesting. Please enter me. :))

    PS: I clicked on the Antique Rose Emporium but the link doesn’t seem to be working. Stay warm!

  13. SJ

    I’m looking at that picture today and it looks like here! It’s so cold in Chicago that I’m wishing I was somewhere where it is at least 40 degrees out.

    Looking at pictures of beautiful roses right now is just the ticket.

  14. admin

    Kate – Thanks for visiting – and thanks for checking the ARE. I’ll fix the link. It’s a great company.
    SJ – Looking at rose pictures just makes my list longer.

  15. Frances

    Hi Pat, I do hope Santa is a regular customer at the Antique Rose Emporium! I know I am. I have spent many an hour making lists of would like to haves from there. When we lived in Texas, we were less than an hour’s drive and went often. Nothing like seeing the roses, and other perennial plantings, in person to help make your choices. All of our non knockout roses came from there, some even were moved with us in the car from Texas and still are growing! Stay warm and keep those poor chickens fed, my friend. 🙂

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