A Timeless Giveaway

This sundial could be yours!
This sundial could be yours!


I was flattered to get an e-note from CSN Stores saying that the commonweeder had the kind of readership that they were trying to reach. They proposed  a Giveaway and I am very happy to pass that on to you.

Their website Teak, Wicker & More offers a whole range of outdoor furniture which includes just about everything you need to make your gardens hospitable and comfortable. They have firepits and grills, planters, and of course, patio furniture. They have birdbaths,  feeders and houses, everything to  welcome birds to your garden, adding their color, movement and song to the other pleasures of a garden.

The Giveaway is a 12″ Frog Sundial made of rust free and weather resistent recycled aluminum. I like it’s being made of recycled material. Recycling will be successful to the degree there is a market for items made of recycled materials.

 It also has a wise inscription: “A quick summer’s glimpse, reveal egg, tadpole and frog, life in constant change.”  The light and strength of the sun is always changing, even over the course of a single day. Certainly we all know that a garden can change over the course of a single day.

I have a sundial in my circle garden, and I’ve had friends who enjoyed a little pun. One placed his sundial in the midst of a bed of creeping thyme.  Another, a very busy nurse and mother, placed hers in the center of a whole collection of thymes, common, silver, lemon, gold and more.  She said it made her feel (in her hectic life) that she had all the time in the world.

By leaving a comment and website or email address here before midnight on Friday June 5 I will enter you in a drawing for the sundial and announce the winner on Saturday morning. The winner can then give me a mailing address and Teak, Wicker & More will mail the sundial directly.

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  1. Liz Canali

    Hi Pat, I hadn’t visited your website in quite some time so thought I would make the trip! Boy have you come a long way. I was looking for a solution to cutworms and came across your site. I’ll bookmark it and check in often. Talk to you soon,

  2. Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes, your giveaway is definitely deer resistant! 🙂

    Larkspur is going great and the deer haven’t tried it. I had a bunny try it. The bunny survived the poisonous larkspur sample, but a red-tailed hawk got her.

    Someone has been sampling my bee balm! I was really surprised about that one. It was the shorter starts, so it may be a bunny, too.


  3. candy

    What a beautiful sundial! Please include me in the giveaway! Thanks.

  4. Shady Gardener

    What a compliment to you (deservedly!) and what a treat for the rest of us… being able to enter for the sundial (which I’d love to have, of course!) 😉 http:www.yardisgreen.blogspot.com

  5. admin

    Liz, I’m sorry there wasn’t any advice about cutworms. I haven’t any any trouble for years now so I always cross my fingers. I’ll do some research.
    Cameron, I don’t have bunnies, but my distant (happily) neighbor is battling a woodchuck. They’ll eat almost anything.
    Candy, I’m glad you like the sundial and good luck.
    Shady – Thanks for your compliment. I hope you’ve got lots of time/thyme.

  6. Mattenylou

    Enjoy your blog so much! I’m wishing I had a quiet little corner to read in like yours, I loved watching it come together last year.

    I remember the old sundial in my Mother’s garden.. wonder what ever happened to it? I’d love to have one!

  7. admin

    Mattenylou – I’m glad you like my reading corner. It is a wonderful spot, AWAY from chores of every kind. And the sundial could be yours! Good luck.

  8. Matt

    Love learning through your blog – you have helped me really love our garden and try some new plantings. Your peony photos had me searching for and finding some (in a neighbor’s front yard) over the weekend. Please enter me in the drawing. Thanks, Matt

  9. admin

    Matt, you are entered! I’m glad you found some local peonies to admire. They are so beautiful.

  10. Genevieve

    Oh how fun to stop by here and find your contest! I’d love to win…

  11. admin

    Genevieve, I’m glad you found me. You are in the drawing.

  12. Martha

    Hi, Pat–
    Ann and I LOVE your website. It’s part of our morning blog reading (the time we USED to spend reading “newspapers”–remember those?!).

    Your garden looks lovely. Please sign us up for the sundial drawing. And hello to Henry, too.

  13. Kate

    Please enter me in the drawing. It would feel like a piece of your home in mine!

  14. Kate Bailey

    Hi Pat!
    I’d love to win the frog dial!

  15. admin

    Kate, Kate, and Martha – You are all entered. Were you reminded of this Giveaway on Facebook?

  16. Martha

    Yup. Facebook did the trick!

  17. Tinky

    This is great, Ms. Pat. Weren’t those folks clever to find you? And I love your peonies (always better than mine, but I’m NOT complaining!

  18. admin

    Tinky, You should remember that the photo is of a TREE Peony. Although I have to say my herbaceous peonies are pretty good too, as you will see when they come into bloom.

  19. Deb Davies

    Hi Pat, I would love to enter your giveaway contest for the frog sundial. Before moving to my current home, I worked for a decade at a wonderful elementary school where our school mascot was the frog. I founded the afterschool garden club there and worked a lot of cross curricular lessons around the school gardens. I found your website/blog on Facebook in an organic gardening interest group. I am doing a bit of research on deer and rabbit deterrence myself, as well as researching how to attract native bees and repel European hornets and ants from my gardens and orchard. I look forward to future communications! Peace,Deb Davies

  20. Deb Davies

    LOL I had to comment on one of the above comments…
    I was standing on our porch on a recent afternoon and noticed an odd, dark object in one of our trees. I had the camera/video recorder in hand, shooting pictures and clips of our hummingbirds and decided to investigate. The closer I got, the odder it looked. Was it a huge squirrel? a cat? I was stumped. The object appeared to be about 18″ long, with a corresponding length bushy tail. The fur appeared to be greyish-brown and when the wind blew into the animal’s fur, it ruffled like a cat’s fur. As I circled the tree, camera filming away (if this critter jumped upon me from the tree, I had a video of what to be vaccinated/treated against!) As I got to the face, I was more than surprised to find a rodent face crowning that fat cat body! This thing weighed in over 20 pounds I would say, and frankly, I was confused. It was laying (dead?) in the fork of the branches at a height of about 8-9 feet above ground. Do groundhogs/woodchucks climb??? Long story short (almost),the dead thing wasn’t dead, it did climb down, because when I returned with my husband later, it was nowhere to be found. Researching, it was a woodchuck, which apparently will climb trees (if chased or if it chooses to scope out the landscape). Your neighbor’s battle with the woodchuck/groundhog is now our battle as my husband refuses to have chuck holes in our acreage because it would pose a danger for the horses pastured on our neighbor’s property to step into one and break a leg. Now….to find it again!

  21. Velvet Bennett

    Your flowers are beautiful!! I just love spring! Thanks for the giveaway and I am from Facebook also!!

  22. admin

    Deb – I’m so glad you found me. It sounds like you have had wonderful times in the garden. I’m off to Garden Day at our local elementary school.
    Velvet – I’m glad you found me too, and hope you’ll keep visiting. Good luck to you both.

  23. Brian Barney

    Wouldn’t you know it…Eileen and I have ELIMINATED all traces of earth from our patio…we had patches of grass when we moved in…covered it all in 12″ concrete pavers…there’s concrete under the hot tub…and outside of it all…the so-called “Common Area” that the Homeowner’s Association takes care of.

    We love our spider plants indoors, though, and two peace (ivy?) plants…and one cactus no one’s managed to kill yet.

    But a sundial? Man, that would we a wonderful thing. Thanks and happy to be in touch.

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