G is for Gardening Projects for Kids on A to Z Challenge

  • Post published:04/08/2013
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Gardening Projects for Kids by Cohen and Fisher

G is for Garden Projects for Kids: 101 ways to get kids outside, dirty, and having fun by Whitney Cohen and John Fisher of LIfe Lab in Santa Cruz, California.

Surely, my regular readers would not expect me to get through a whole month of posts without including a book or two. And this book from Timber Press is a doozy.  Garden Project for Kids is not only about growing veggies, but about other designing the garden so that there is room for a fairy garden, a swing, birdhouses, a bed where they can just dig. The beautiful photos in this book suggest that it is for the parents of very young children, but it seems to me, that once you get children out into the garden, it will be hard to get them out of the garden as they gr ow. There is always something new to see in the garden, some thing to taste, something to wonder at, and something to turn into a science project at school. Young gardeners will never want for a science project. Have you discovered your Soil Horizons? Geology! Mathematics!

What with people talking about a ‘nature deficit’ among our children, and the prescence of so many screens in our life, parents and friends sometimes wonder who we are going to get kids back into the outdoors. Garden Projects for Kids will inspire and support the parents of young children about all the ways the garden leads to healthy playtimes. Of course, there is just plain playing in the dirt, which can lead to planting in the dirt, which can lead to harvesting and eating good treats, but it can also lead to looking at bugs, looking at all the life to be found in a square foot of ground, how to make birdhouses out of plants you have grown, and how to pound flowers into art. Lots more too.

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  1. Denise Hammond

    My three sons never seemed to have any trouble finding things to do in the yard. Getting covered in mud looking for frogs down in the stream, bringing home a groundhog they caught in a fishing net, trying to keep a toad in a desk drawer… Would they had taken an interest in plants.

  2. Jai

    I want to have a garden this year. It will have to be a container garden but I think it will be fun to eat some of my own tomatoes.

  3. Pat

    Denise – My grandsons have always liked mud – and newts.
    Jai – Tomatoes are good fit for container gardening. Good luck and bon apetit.

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