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My Family July 2010

This Thanksgiving I am looking over the past year, which was such a trial in many ways with storms and floods and unexpected fluctuations in temperature, I have  many reasons to give thanks. First there is my beautiful family. It is hard to get everyone together for a photo, but we made a special effort at last year’s Larson family reunion. My brother and his wife bookend my crew. This year the  five grandsons were all in their teens, and voices are dropping at an alarming rate. We all stayed whole and healthy.

Heavy Snow on November 17

I am grateful to live here in a rural area where I am surrounded by such beautiful landscapes, hills, streams and rivers. Who cares if we get two feet of snow on Halloween. Quoting the Bard I often say that in Heath “there is no enemy but winter and rough weather.”

Seattle Fling July 2011

I’m grateful I was able to attend the Garden Bloggers Seattle Fling and get to see my blogging friends face to face, and enjoy some fabulous gardens and meals with them. Friendships were an unexpected blessing that has come from blogging which I began nearly four years ago.

I am grateful for the chance to meet so many wonderful people like Rose Deskavitch who educated me about Adaptive Gardening. My column and this blog have given me the opportunity to learn from other gardeners, museum staff, herbalists, horticulturists, farmers, landscape designers, ecologists. The garden path has led me to so many friends and adventures.

Greenfield Farmers Market

I am grateful for the growth of farmers markets, farm stands and the increasing availability of all kinds of local food, vegetables, fruit, meat, fish and dairy products. All delicious.

Blossom Brigade

I am grateful to be a part of the committee that supports and maintains the Bridge of Flowers, a joy for all who cross the Bridge every day, some coming from halfway around the world to do so, and a Classroom to the Community.


I am grateful for all the help I had writing and finishing my book, The Roses at the End of the Road. My husband did the illustrations, Carol Purington was First Reader and encourager, and my son Chris Reilley designed the book and whipped it into shape for

And I am grateful for all those readers of the Commonweeder, who comment, commiserate and celebrate with me all year long. Thank you all.

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  1. Lisa at Greenbow

    I want to thank you for being such a good writer and sharing your talent with us all. Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Rose

    I sometimes think we should celebrate Thanksgiving every week. You have some wonderful reasons for gratitude, Pat, not the least of which is your lovely family. I am grateful for gardeners like you who share your experiences with us. I hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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