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Our Frog Pond – er – Beaver Pond

Our Frog Pond with beaver lodge - on the bank

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For more about beavers, their habitat, and the revelation that they can build lodges on pond banks click here.

4 comments to Our Frog Pond – er – Beaver Pond

  • I love beaver, but can only imagine the dilemma about having them based in your backyard….

  • Pat

    GG- It is a dilemma. We had beavers in the pond once before but they didn’t stay too long. We did encourage their departure by keeping the overflow pipe unplugged. Apparently the sound of running water makes beaver nervous and hard at work plugging and replugging the ‘leak’. We didn’t notice this lodge until the pond was frozen. No fun unplugging that time.

  • Living in Phoenix, it is hard to imagine looking out and seeing this beautiful site! Great picture

  • Ah, beautiful. Would love to have a pond surrounded by birches, with or without beavers. Closest we get is skunks or racoons living under our porch landing.

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