Beavers are at work – on Wordless Wednesday

  • Post published:11/14/2012
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Beaver pond

Beavers have been working this area out on Rte 8A and now the water has risen nearly to the road.

Beaver pond

The pond has become quite large and there is more.

Lower beaver dam

It’s hard to see the steps of the dam below the beaver pond but the water is rushing here.

Beavers worked here

And here is evidence that work continues.

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  1. Casa Mariposa

    We’ve had so many beavers in our area that Fish and Game have had to relocate several of them. I’m sure the beavers would have rather the humans were relocated!

  2. Pat

    Casa Mariposa – I realize I don’t know what our Fish and GAme people would do if they caused a problem. They are protected although many of us would be in favor of loosened controls.

  3. Jason

    I’ll trade you some beavers for some skunks!

  4. Patrick's Garden

    Although I grew up in Australia I’ve been fascinated with beavers forever. So I enjoyed this peek under the tent. Nice work just wish I could visit you.

  5. Rosey

    guess that could pose some challenges if they keep going

  6. Pat

    Jason – We’ve got skunks, too, but not too near the house.
    Patrick – Let me know if you makae it to Western Massachusetts.
    Rosey – I’m going to inspect it today. I’m not sure where the beaver lodge is.

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