Sky Views – Real or Edited on Wordless Wednesday

  • Post published:02/12/2013
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Fire Rainbow in the Arctic

These amazing photos were sent to my sister-in-law. Real or photoshopped?

Sunset at the North Pole

Could this possibly be real?  Aren’t the sun and the moon the same size?  For more mysterious – or not – photos this Wordless Wednesday click here.

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  1. another jennifer

    So very cool. Whenever I see these type of shots on nature shows, I say they are fake. They seem to beautiful to be real!

  2. Pearl

    The top one looks plausible. Bottom, ‘shopped.

  3. Sherry

    Not sure if both or 1 are shopped – but they are very cool looking!!

  4. Sharon

    Not sure about ‘real’ but could be. Found you on the A-Z Blog site. I look forward to reading your blog in April. I’m getting the grow lights ready and looking forward to spring.

  5. Pat

    Another Jennifer – I accepted them as real, but my scientific husband is dubious.
    Pearl – I think you might be right.
    Sherry – Very cool. The fun of computers adn graphics.
    Sharon – I’m about to start seeds too. See you in April – if not before.

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