N is for Nasami Farm on the A to Z Challenge

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N is for Nasami Farm, the propagating arm of the New England Wildflower Society which was founded in 1900 and is oldest plant conservation society in the U.S.

Nasami Farm
Nasami Farm

I have shopped for many plants at Nasami Farm, last year purchasing several water tolerant if not water loving plants. I planted Buttonbush in the wettest part of our new garden because it  can often be growing in a river, not just on its bank. I also bought winterberries, viburnams, culver root, black chokeberry, and Joe Pye Weed. What a selection! All doing well this spring.

The New England Wildflower Society knew the importance of preserving the wild plants of our region. An importance that we are all more aware of as we learn that pollinators need native plants, and do the birds, and insects. All of these plants, birds and insects evolved together over the millenia, dependent on each other to survive. Insects, eat the native plants, leaving damage, but not enough to harm the plant. Birds eat the insects, especially during brooding season when baby birds need the high nutritional value of insects, even if  they will grow up to eat mostly seeds.

Nasami Farm will open on the weekends beginning Saturday, April 30 from 10 am – 5 pm through the summer until October 18.  You can find a list of usually available plants here.


2014 Nasami Farm Plant Swap
2014 Nasami Farm Plant Swap

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  1. Deborah Weber

    I find it delightful that the NE Wildflower Society has such long history. And it sounds like Nasami Farm is a real treasure as well. I wasn’t familiar with buttonbush and had to look it up – what interesting flowers. I understand they’re quite fragrant as well – also a lovely bonus in my book.

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