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Sheffield Daisies and a Mystery

Sheffield Daisies

I first saw Sheffield daisies at the Smith College perennial garden. It was late in the fall and I was amazed and delighted by this large clump of gloriously blooming pink flowers. I had no idea what they were, and posted the picture with a query to my readers. The answer was quick in coming – Sheffield daisies, also called Sheffies. They are strong growers and very hardy. They came through last week’s frost untouched. I have grown them for two years and have already divided them and given away two clumps, and now have three clumps of my own. What a great plant.

Pink Chrysanthemum

This photo is of a different clump of chrysanthemums (‘Cambodian Queen?‘) and Sheffield daisies are actually a chrysanthemum and like full sun. In my garden they grow about two feet tall, although I am told they can get taller.  They appreciate a good rich soil, but are drought tolerant. My dry garden this summer certainly did not deter my Sheffies at all. This is a wonderful late bloomer.

Forsythia foliage

I solved the mystery of the Sheffie, but I have a new mystery this fall. This is a photo of my forsythia foliage.  I don’t recall ever seeing it go through the fall with such variegations. It is very attractive, but I don’t know why. We’ve been having a relatively mild and dry fall. Is that the explanation, or am I not remembering previous falls?  A definite possibility. Any thoughts are welcome

3 comments to Sheffield Daisies and a Mystery

  • The Sheffield Daisies are very pretty. My Forsythias usually have variegated foliage, too, in the fall–somewhat different than yours, but similar. I wonder if it has to do with extremes between day and nighttime temperatures, or more moisture, or something like that? In any case, I think it’s fascinating and beautiful!

  • Have always enjoyed Sheffield Pink, especially when I’ve had time to pinch it back along the way.

  • They are lovely and would be a wonderful addition to my flowerbeds….

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