A Flower and Books For Pleasures

  • Post published:01/02/2024
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Pink Geranium

Christmas is passing, but a pink Geranium is giving me a lovely little flower. I do not understand why none of my other geraniums are blooming,  but I am happy to admire this one.

Lots of Books

Since I only have one blossom in my room, I can also enjoy flowers that show off in my books. Of course I would show off the books about roses, but I have gathered lots of other good books as well. In addition there are a few very thin books of different types.  Ancient Legends of the Twelve Birth Flowers is one book that writes about  Carnation, Violet, Jonquil, Sweet Pea, Lily of the Valley, Rose, Larkspur, Gladiolus, Aster, Calendula, Chrysanthemum and Narcissus. This little book gives very sweet stories.

Two other thin books are a Handbook of Roses about David Austin roses – which means a lot of beautiful roses of every color, size and fragrance. The final little book on my shelf is the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens which  has a lot to teach me – planting, pruning, arranging, rose diseases, winter protection – and more.  I am lucky to have these books, and others,  that I’ve collected for my own pleasures.

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  1. Robin Ruff Leja

    January is a time for simple pleasures, like a single pink germanium in bloom!

  2. Pat

    Robin – We are both in a good place, and enjoying it all.

  3. Beth@PlantPostings

    Thanks for the reminder to visit the flower books during this time of year for a nice pick-me-up. Your bloom is lovely, even if it is only one. Happy New Year!

  4. Pat

    Beth – There are many flower books and this is a great time to think about the spring – and summer. Happy New Year to you! I’m glad to have such a wonderful friend,

  5. yennayi

    I love geraniums in winter. One pink flower opens a door to discuss many other flowers. Thank you, Pat.

  6. Pat

    Yennayi – I’m glad you love geraniums. They are so encouraging in the winter. Thank you for visiting.

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