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Geranium "Violet"

Yesterday I had the pleasure of trekking to LaSalle’s in Whately to help pick out a selection of the annuals that will be sold at the Bridge of Flowers Plant Sale on Saturday, May 14.  This is the geranium that was sold out last year when I went to buy mine.

Geranium "Improved Salmon"

This is the geranium I bought instead. It just bloomed and bloomed into the fall.  Both geraniums plus scarlelet and white varieties will be available at the sale.

Euphorbia "Diamond Frost"

Geraniums need full sun, but this delicate plant likes some shade.  Last year it grew at the entry to the Bridge.


All these verbenas were so pretty that we bought some of each.

Supertunia "Double Peppermint"

I’m a sucker for pink, especially frilly pink. I think this petunia will be in at least one of my containers.

Coleus - assorted

Foliage is a vital element in any garden. Coleus was on our Must Buy list.

A successful garden usually contains many kinds of plants, shrubs, trees, perennials – and annuals. It is the annuals that provide that jolt of color all season long.  The Bridge of Flowers Plant Sale will sell divisions of perennials on the Bridge, and annuals that are part of the Bridge planting scheme. You can get some of each. I hope to see you at the sale, May 14 from 9 am til noon. Rain or Shine.  Don’t be late.

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  1. Lisa at Greenbow

    It is difficult to walk out of a garden center without a “little of each”. Your garden will have lots of color throughout the summer.

  2. Pat

    Lisa – I think all the buyers at the Bridge of Flowers plant sale will feel the same.

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