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Spring is Coming – Time to Repot – Scented Geranium

Lemon scented geranium – unpruned

Spring is coming!  I was inspired to repot this lemon scented geranium, which I have only done once before in nearly ten years. You can see I did cut it back some in the fall. I was inconsistent in my watering all winter, but as the days began to grow longer new shoots came up.

Scented geranium – pruned

I cut out all the dead wood and could see nice healthy growth more clearly.

Scented geranium – unpotted

I took the geranium out of its pot, did  some root pruning and root disruption. I put together new potting mix with a little vermiculite, and a helping of vermicompost from my worm bin. The scented geranium, pruned top and bottom, then went into a  clean pot, same size.

Scented geranium – repotted

It doesn’t look very different, but I’m ready to watch it grow with new vigor.

Yes, I can feel spring coming. The high temperature today was 45 degrees with rain showers. It’s muddy! I know there will be more snow. I hope a lot more snow, but Punxatawny  Phil said winter will be over in 6 weeks!

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