My Three Hydrangeas – Limelight, Angel’s Blush and Fire Light

  • Post published:08/04/2021
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Limelight panicle hydrangea

The Limelight panicle hydrangea was one of three very large hydrangeas we planted in our new garden six years ago. We planted them along our next door neighbor’s driveway. They provided us with a ‘friendly fence’, and gave her the view of beautiful flowers instead of the side of our house.

According to the  information that came along with this hydrangea it  would easily reach 72 inches high and at least as wide. It will grow in full sun, but it will also do with some time in the shade. I hope you can tell that it has reached that size!

Limelight hydrangea

The blossoms are white to begin and then slowly take on  that cool Lime  shade.

Fire Light hydrangea

Fire Light is very similar to Limelight, but for us she is taking a little longer to gain that grand size. Both of these are Proven Winners shrubs and they really are winners. They do not take a  lot of work, and give me the shelter I desire. And they do attract bees and other flying creatures.

Fire Light hydrangea

Fire Light is slowly gaining it’s promised color. It is beautiful on the bush, and it makes great bouquets.

Angel’s Blush hydrangea

Angel’s Blush hydrangea, which also is called ‘Ruby’. I am waiting for its color to become richer in the fall. It is at least as tall and wide as Limelight. However the flowers are airier giving the bees and other pollinators a lot of room to move in and around the flowers.

Angel’s Blush ‘Ruby’

The Angel’s Blush flowers have not yet achieved their color but I really like the lace look of the flowers. They will gain color as we move into the fall. The length of bloom of hydrangeas is one of their delights.

I have read that panicle hydrangeas do not need any pruning.  I find that idea terrifying. These hydrangeas bloom on new wood. That means early spring is the time to cut back 1/3 of the branches. When they get this big it is quite a job, but the result is worth the trouble.

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