Greenfield Garden Club Party – Hard Ciders For Tasting

  • Post published:10/20/2021
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Greenfield Garden Club Cider Party – all local ciders

For the third year the Greenfield Garden Club has offered a hard cider tasting. We have been learning about the difference between ciders. Sweet ciders that are available in supermarkets come straight from the apple press.  Hard ciders require fermentation.  The ciders at our party had about 5.7% of alcohol. Our part of the world has become an important place for those who enjoy hard cider.

Sweet cakes and cookies go along with the hard cider

That is my husband carrying in a gallon of sweet cider, for those who cannot enjoy hard cider. Others have been enjoying hard cider at least ever since the Romans invaded England around 55 B.C. and found that cider was being enjoyed by the locals there. Certainly the United States has a long history of making hard cider. John Chapman, known as Johnny Appleseed, was born on September 26, 1774 in Leominster. We Massachusetts people can be very proud of the apples and ciders that we have made over the centuries.

Charlie Olchowski at our cider party

Charlie is a longtime friend of the Greenfield Garden Club. We have gotten three hard cider treats (a brief intermission because of the pandemic) when Charlie brings sample ciders for tastings and fills people in on the taste and the makeup of each cider.  Here’s to you, Charlie!

Our area has become an important hard cider area. Now we have a great annual event Cider Days.  Mark your calendar! This year the date is November 6-7, 2021.  A trip along The Cider Trail will lead you to 18 farms and breweries. Check out the website and make a plan for a great  weekend.

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