Lazy Tree – In My Own Garden!

  • Post published:03/12/2024
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Leaning Tree

Ten years ago when we bought this house I loved this Norway Spruce with its arms out with joy for the garden we were planting. But alas, the tree began to bend.

Tree’s Roots

This section of our garden was very wet and the tree had started to be killed by the wet. More and more often branches would die. Last night, on a very windy night, the time had come – and finally tipped the tree over onto our neighbor’s tree.

Willow Bending

We have a beautiful willow that is always pleasing, but the Norway Spruce had its  own way and did not mind hugging some of the  willows. However, I am not happy.

Two Trees Together

The high branches of the Norway Maple on the other side of the fence between our two houses is wondering what happened.  A Norway Spruce on a Norway Maple. I think that Maple will have tales to tell – and I hope soon.

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  1. Beth@PlantPostings

    Yikes! That is difficult for so many reasons. I hope the removal won’t be too troubling, and I hope the other trees will recover just fine. <3

  2. betsyr19

    Changing wet conditions in the yard? Sad to see it topple over. But what a coincidence – a Norway Spruce landing on a Norway Maple!

  3. Pat

    It has been quite a couple of days, but the tree did its best and did not fall all the way down the first night. We are fortunate to have a skilled man who lives around the corner to solve the problem.

  4. Pat

    Beth – We certainly do have excitements in our life! Keep your eyes open and you’ll see some lovely treats.

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