Spring is Coming!

  • Post published:03/05/2024
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I was was preparing to get in our car when I saw this beautiful hellebore beginning to bloom. I was a little worried about continuing to shelter these flowers, but I have not cleared away all the leaves because the weather is very rainy. I will be able to clear out those leaves soon!


These golden crocus are greeting the almost-spring. More is coming!

Witch Hazel

I was stunned to walk to a friend’s house down the street, and before my eyes were golden flowers. A lot of golden flowers!

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  1. betsyr19

    Wow – spring is coming! I will have to explore in my yard to look for signs of spring here.

  2. Pat

    Beth – I’m glad you are getting to see the garden at this time of year. It always excites me.

  3. Pat

    Betsy – I am sure you will find a good number of signs of summer – and get ready seriously in spring.

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