Hellebores in the Sun

  • Post published:01/28/2023
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Pink hellebore bud

I did not expect to find a hellebore flower in the snow. This narrow bed has been covered with snow, which is just now melting away, and it will probably be covered with snow again this winter. I have seen the foliage, but I never expected to find a blossom opening its flowers.

Hellebore bud

You have to look closely but I pushed away a little of the snow off this plant. But lo and behold there was a tight pink bud.

I would not have been so surprised, but I have only grown these hellebores for three  years – this year the third. I was surprised that I never even noticed that hellebores could keep their foliage through the winter.  At least I did pay attention to planting the hellebores where they would get filtered sun which is important, and I am always careful and generous (as needed) with providing good  soil.

I will be paying a lot closer attention to the unfurling of these beautiful flowers.

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  1. Beth@PlantPostings

    Fun! Mine are budding under the snow, but they won’t fully bloom until March. We’re getting a heavy snow today, which will provide plenty of insulation. Is that an H. orientalis variety or a different species/cultivar?

  2. Pat

    Beth – We have almost no snow right now and I don’t know when more substantial snow will arrive. Neither can I be sure that I have H. orientalis, but I am not possitive. I’m working on it.

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