Time for Dahlias

  • Post published:05/27/2024
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Me and Flower-Tone

I finally paid attention to the dahlia roots  that  I had kept in a paper bag in the basement all winter. This was my first time of being familiar with dahlias. Now I am going to learn how to handle these roots. I was happy to find Flower-Tone at the Greenfield Farmer’s Coop.


These dahlias which had been given to me in the fall by the Clarkdale Fruit Farm folk. The dahlias had been living in our basement all winter – and into the spring. I was amazed to see that dahlias were hugging together and I could see red dahlia shoots. Fortunately I was able to wiggle a few loose so they could be put deep in the ground. It takes a while for them to grow.

More Dahlia Roots

There were other roots that did not show any growth, but I continued to try separating the roots. I thought  I might get more dahlias and give them away.  Keep watching.

Don’t forget the Greenfield Garden Club plant sale and garden tour on June 8th. You can get your tour tickets at the John Zon Community Center. Click here for more information. 


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  1. Oh, that’s exciting! I’m debating whether to get more Dahlias. I have a couple, but I don’t really have enough sun here for many of them. Love them, though, for their beauty and as cut flowers. 🙂

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