Boston Public Gardens

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Boston State House

The Boston Public Gardens begin at the foot of the Boston State House. First is the Boston Common where cattle once grazed, then the Boston Public Garden, the oldest botanic garden in the nation, and finally the Commonwealth Avenue Mall. Here are a few photos from my recent visit.

Boston Common Frog Pond

Frolicking tadpoles in the Boston Common Frog Pond watched over by parents and

Boston Common Frog Pond frogs

the frog statues!

Boston Public Garden sign

The Boston Public Garden, established in 1837 is the first botanic garden in our young nation.

Pink Mandevilla Boston Public Garden
White Mandevilla Boston Public Garden
Pagoda Tree in Boston Public Garden
Small Fountain Boston Public Garden
Medical memorial

Statue memorializing the first use of ether at Massachusetts General Hospital to deaden pain.

Rose in Boston Public Garden

Mass plantings of roses.

Parallel planting in Boston Public Garden

A matching planting is on the other side of the path.

Swan Boats in the Boston Public Garden


Commonwealth Avenue Mall

The Commonwealth Avenue Mall is a grand allée of shade trees forming the central axis of the Back Bay, connecting the Public Garden to the Back Bay Fens. Designed by Arthur Gilman, who was inspired by the new Parisian boulevards, the Mall was set out from 1858 to the 1870s. From its inception, the Mall has been a vital amenity for both residents and visitors. Winston Churchill praised it as “the grandest boulevard in North America.”

Alexander Hamilton

Alexander Hamilton is just one of the statues on the Commonwealth Avenue Mall.  These three public gardens include many statues and reliefs that celebrate the great men and moments of our history.

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  1. Rose

    Thanks for the tour, Pat. I’ve never been to New England or much of the Eastern coast. I’m hoping that when my husband finally retires, we’ll get a chance to explore this part of the country. Love the frog statues!

  2. Pat

    Rose – It was wonderful to be in the Public Gardens that are so well used. Beautiful space, history in all those statues, and great fun. There is a little carousel at the end of the Frog Pond.

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