All is revealed – Catalonia

  • Post published:09/13/2013
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Demonstration for Catalonian independence in Boston Public Garden

When I visited the Boston Public Garden on September 2, I ran into this demonstration right under the magnificent statue of George Washington.

George Washington in the Boston Public Garden

It made sense to hold a demonstration for independence under the statue of one of our own founders of an independent nation, promising liberty to all, but I couldn’t tell what the demonstration was all about.

Demonstrator for Independence in Catalonia

It was not until one woman held out this banner than I even knew the issue, but still I did not know for WHOM. Now all is revealed. Catalonia!

Today we saw a news story today about Catalonia’s national day, on September 11  illustrated with the red, yellow and blue flag, that I came to some understanding. Catalonia is an autonomous section of Spain that includes Barcelona, “In the Spanish Constitution of 1978 Catalonia, along with the Basque Country and Galicia, was defined as a “nationality“. The same constitution gave Catalonia the automatic right to autonomy, which resulted in the Statute of Autonomy of Catalonia of 1979.” (from Wikipedia)

I like having these little mysteries solved.

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