Geese on Their Way to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

  • Post published:09/18/2013
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Geese hurrying to Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum

These geese were crossing the street, against the light, in their hurry to look at the newly redesigned and planted Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum‘s Monks Garden. No luck yesterday. The Museum was closed, but the Monks garden is officially open today – a magical woodland stroll garden. Michael Van Valkenburgh, and his associates, are geniuses.

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  1. Indrani

    Halt everyone!
    Great capture.

  2. Esther Joy

    We live between two duck ponds, and it always amazes me to watch the geese line up either in the water or on the land. I guess they have all their “ducks in a row”!

  3. Rosey

    They look perfectly content. 🙂

  4. tina@inthegarden

    Oh gosh that is a beautiful pond. Your friend sounds like she is way ahead of her time with water saving and reusing. The pond and cistern are wonderful ideas and practical too. But I can’t get over how pretty that pond is!

  5. Nan

    I’ve seen cute things before but these geese are adorable. I would be nervous about them if I lived near them though.

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