Brilliant Autumn Color is Flooding Heath’s Hills

  • Post published:10/02/2013
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Maple autumn color

All of sudden the autumn color we hope for and wait for has appeared. Every hour it seems more brilliant.


Brilliant autumn color


Golden birches
Blushing blueberry bushes

Down with invasive Burning Bush. Up with blueberries. Delicious berries and delightful autumn  color.

Oakleaf hydrangea

Deep autumn color on the oakleaf hydrangea is stunning and unusual.

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This Post Has 7 Comments

  1. hula~la

    YES, YES, YES!!! My fave time of year. Autumn in all its colorful glory! Great post! Aloha

  2. Pat

    Hula~la – It is going to be a great year for the leaf-peepers!

  3. Andrea

    Time flies so fast, as everyone says! It somehow is faster with the 4 season countries than ours, who has only two. But when blogging arrives to us, somehow we are in consonance with you, and we immediately feel how fast the time flies!

  4. Pat

    Andrea – I love being able to see the weather and the landscapes all around the world that blogging brings us.

  5. PlantPostings

    I’m still in denial since we’ve had some very mild weather here in the Midwest (I’m hoping that will help the surge of late-hatching monarch butterflies). But the evidence of autumn is more apparent every day, as you say so eloquently. Beautiful photos! I am going to consider pulling out the Burning Bushes in favor of the Blueberry Bush. Stunning!

  6. Pat

    PlantPostings – Rain this morning! I’ve let the milkweed bloom where it will, but we haven’t had the flocks of monarchs that we had six or seven years ago. Sad and alarming.

  7. Jason

    The fall colors help ease the pain of the slow slide towards the cold. The color in your photos is gorgeous, here the leaves have barely begun to turn.

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