The Milkweed Lands – An Epic Story of One Plant

  • Post published:01/06/2024
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As a gardener who has Milkweeds (of a sort) I was fascinated by this new book, The Milkweed Lands, written by Eric Lee-Mader, and Illustrated by Beverly Duncan.  There are many types of milkweed and I was amazed by how many types exist.

Different Insects

I knew there were Monarchs and bees, but I didn’t know how many types  of each exist. This beautiful book offers many types of insects who “provide different pollination services.” I did not know that Monarchs travel so far, which means they cannot carry so much ‘pollinia’.

Warning Coloration

I like looking at Monarchs and I enjoyed the milkweed when I lived on a farm,  but this book has given me a surprise. “Milkweed is being rediscovered by new generations of adventurous foragers and chefs who cook young shoots as if  they were asparagus or serve up boiled green pods as a novel vegetable.”

This is a fascinating book. Every page is a surprise of the types of butterflies, tiger moths,  beetles, and bugs like  the milkweed feeders – “oleander aphid”, “black citrus aphid”, and “goldenglow” just for starters.

Ecologist Eric Lee-Mader and artist Beverly Duncan have put together a natural and social history on an “Elegantly illustrated guide to the ecological hub that is milkweed (Benjamin Vogt).

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  1. rkh950

    I remember when I was a kid growing up in the country in Western Mass., we had pastures around our house and milkweed was a very common plant that grew everywhere. Now many years later I have learned how these plants are something that butterflies need for their continuing lifecycle. I now live in TN and the TDOT has funded a program to increase butterfly habitat in our state by sending out free Red Milkweed seeds for us to plant on our property to make these plants available for the Monarch butterflies. I planted a few packets on my lot and look forward to seeing these plants grow and attract butterflies.

  2. Beth@PlantPostings

    Looks like another great book! You recommend some great ones. Thank you!

  3. Pat

    Ron – You are ahead of me in understanding the way butterflies live. I’m glad you enjoyed Milkweed Lands. There was a lot to take in.

    Beth – I guarantee you would like this book. I have to add how beautiful the images are. I have not seen her for quite a while but Beverly Duncan gives us a lot of fascinating creatures. She is a wonderful illustrator.

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