My Succulent Container Garden – Weeding and Surprises

  • Post published:11/08/2012
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My succulent container garden

In the spring I attended a hypertufa trough building workshop and planted two it with succulents I bought at a local garden shop. My two troughs lived happily outside on the welcoming platform.

When our first hard frost was threatened I brought my troughs inside and  they are now living on a broad southern windowsill in our unheated Great Room. I wasn’t worried about the hardiness of the succulents, only the troughs.

My other succulent garden

I haven’t paid too much attention to them. They don’t need too much attention. I got a surprise when I went to give them a little watering. Yellow blossoms!

Succulent closeup

I was not expecting to see flowers, but of course, many succulents do flower, sometimes in much more subtle ways. I was also not expecting to see weeds! While outdoors even a succulent container garden is prone to collecting a few weed seeds, undettered by my pebble mulch.

New succulent growth

I had to cut back the dried blossom stems from this plant and saw that it is thriving and sending out new growth. It is spreading as is the plant next to it. This should be a very full planting come spring.  I’m already planning to make a new hypertufa trough or two for a larger succulent collection.

Bowl of succulents

My bowl of succulents has also lived outside on the piazza all summer. Lots of growth and even a couple of flower stalks, but only one is blooming now in its own subtle way.  All of these projects were inspired by reading Debra Lee Baldwin’s book Succulent Container Gardens which I wrote  about here.

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