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My Succulent Container Garden on Wordless Wednesday

Succulents planted December 19, 2011

I just realized that I planted my succulent container on December 19 last year. This was a new project for me.

Succulents on February 2, 2012

I posted an update in February when the succulents looked like this.

Succulents on December 19. 2012

Today the succulents look like this. I love being able to put together this series. With so few words.

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4 comments to My Succulent Container Garden on Wordless Wednesday

  • My how they’ve grown.

    Please join me at Wordless Wednesday Bloggers at and share your photo.

  • Wow that is lovely for a ‘self sufficient garden’. I have that spiky one with white horizontal marks, but it is alone sitting inside my closed glass window. It also seems growing, i always invert the facing otherwise it will lean on the light source!But i forgot its name!

  • I had forgotten about mule’s tail is it called? the foreground one. I should get another one of those.

  • Pat

    Jennifer – I impressed myself being able to document a year’s growth.
    Andrea – It truly doesn’t take much work. I also turn it when it is in a window.
    Pearl – In my neighborhood we call it burro’s tail. Don’t know why. Very easy and hardy.

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