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  • Post published:02/18/2011
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After Bloom Day, wanting to preserve the tulip blossoms as much as possible in order to use them Sunday at church, I moved the pot of Pieter de Leur into the sitting room which is very cool. This is where my few houseplants live all winter. The jasmine dries up slowly over the season, but when I cut it back it always revives with the arrival of warm weather.

I have been fascinated watching these forced bulbs as they open and closed, affected in some ways by the time of day, and somewhat more predicably by temperature and amount of sun. I don’t know exactly what I have learned, but I feel I have been able to observe the mystery of growth in a whole new way.

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  1. Lisa at Greenbow

    I too like to watch up close during winter the slow but steady growth of spring flowers. Lets face it, they are always interesting.

  2. Layanee

    I intended on potting up some bulbs but just didn’t get to it. Fortunately, they are now available at the grocery store. Hyacinths and mini daffs are now blooming by the window. What a relief to white.

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