Flowers Are Preparing to Grow

  • Post published:02/17/2024
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There has been snow and wind and annoyance, but since Christmas there have been interesting plants to give cheer.


Late in the fall I dug up some of the flowers that are beginning to crowd now in the garden. I think these are the small Jonquilla daffodils and they are beginning to grow. I have never dug them up like this before, but I think I will get the  flowers a bit early. What a treat!


These are not ‘flowers’ now, but there will be Geraniums in time. Other plants include Chinese Money Plants that my grandson Rory gave me. There is also a rubbery sort of plant beneath the hanging greens.  I find it hard to keep track of these names. but I enjoy them all.

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  1. Beth@PlantPostings

    That IS exciting about the Daffodils! It’s so fun to have flowers early. Enjoy!

  2. Pat

    Beth – I am watching those shoots very carefully – and am definitely enjoying watching.

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