Kenya With Betsy – 1989

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Betsy at Work

Our daughter Betsy attended Clark University in Worcester, MA, and joined the Peace Corp. Her interest and concern about water began very early on. We had the opportunity to join her in Kenya where she was working in a village to build a very large tank and enabled the villagers to get the water near by and not have to haul it.

Betsy with visitors

Sometimes friends gathered to visit – and talk about how the Tank work was coming along.

Visiting with the Farmers

We were invited to visit the orange grove. We also learned that this part of the world is the perfect place for many many fruits.


This is Betsy’s little house, and we also slept here for a few days.

The Shop

We visited the shop that is important in this neighborhood.  We were really having a great time meeting everyone, and seeing how Betsy has been living for two years.

Betsy on the Tank

This tank had taken just over two years to give the community water that was now easily available.

The Tank  at Last

It has taken the Tank more than two years to be completed.  At last the water is much more available to the little community. There was great pride and joy – and a gathering to celebrate.

At this point Henry and I were about to return to Beijing.  (And Betsy was soon travelling and she made a stop to see us in Beijing during the winter.)

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  1. betsyr19

    It was a big event in my village when you came!

  2. Beth@PlantPostings

    Wow, how wonderful! You can be so proud of her, for sure. 🙂

  3. Susan Calabria

    Nice to see you all in 1988! What a cool adventure! I have a friend in Kenya now working for an elephant non-profit.

  4. Pat

    Betsy – We were so happy learning about all the things you did those years. We are happy parents.

  5. Pat

    Beth – I’m glad you got to “meet” our daughter. She is wonderful. After she left Kenya she off travelling the world and she came to visit us in Beijing when the weather was very cold.

  6. Sarah Hawrylak

    What a wonderful achievement for your daughter and the villagers!

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