Art in the Winter

  • Post published:01/19/2024
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Winter Can Be Beautiful

We  were told to prepare for a snowstorm. It did snow with large flakes, and then very finely. There was not much to see. I went to bed. I was surprised when I woke up very early in the morning. As the sun began to offer light I saw our backyard garden – and we were delighted.

An Ancient Lion

Because it was so cold, I set to re-organizing the piles of Christmas that live in a little room for my work. There were lots of Christmas boxes that had to be put up in the attic, waiting for another year. When that was done, I admired the walls of art in this room. The Ancient Lion is the oldest piece of art and you can see the bits that are gone, but you can also see that old Leo is smiling and happy.

Redwing Blackbird

My husband painted this flying Redwing Blackbird.  I looked through a book about Redwings and learned that breeding male Redwings have to sing to find a a female redwing to mate – and bring more redwings into the world.


My husband has filled our house with a number of beautiful paintings and this array of flowers makes me very happy. I love the heat of it.

Farmer’s Arms

As you can see, it took my mother many years before she finished this. She did not usually put such things aside, so I am happy that she did finish it up. She was very good at embroidery and this is just one piece that she had made.

I am enjoying clearing up my ‘workroom’ and may soon have some additional pleasures.

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  1. betsyr19

    Such lovely art! Do you know who made the lion?

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