Among the Pink Flowers

  • Post published:05/15/2024
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Happy Garden Bloggers Bloom Day! The richness of  the peony touches my heart. And more peonies will come along. It was a surprise to me, but  I have learned that there are other types of peony.


This lush rhododendron offers a much larger group of blossoms. One branch reaches to another side and I am going  to have to do some cutting down a group of worn out daffodils.

Gold Heart – Bleeding Heart

These big Gold Hearts are stunning.  It is one of my favorites, but there are small pink Bleeding Hearts as well – but the leaves on those are green.


Happily I can tell you these lovely primroses began sending up shoots Through The Water! Can you imagine? It is true. Years ago a friend offered me a few primroses (they were growing in her mushy-wet yard) and I was delighted. I have been tending to these primroses since I moved here. This year I had to do a major clean up because a very tall Norway Spruce fell down on the garden – right where the leaves rose from the water. And then the primroses followed them.  Right now, things are slightly dry but we are still having rain – on and off.

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