Life Will Not Be Denied!

  • Post published:07/28/2010
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  1. Margaret Almon

    The flower is so big compared to the rest of the plant as it rises up from cement!

  2. sarah

    No fair, I only get weeds coming through my cracks.

  3. Pat, I had a Wave petunia do that last year and oh my goodness, the beauty that came from that petunia! As we prepared for people to come see the gardens for a garden walk, my dad reached down to tear it out and luckily I was right there to stop him. He said, “But it’s in the walkway!” And I replied, “Yes, I know! Isn’t it lovely?” You can see it here (it’s the third photo down).

    I love it when things like this happen!

  4. Christine B.

    A testament to your post title is in evidence every time I look outside. I never thought I’d have to weed the road but I did last week. It’s amazing how plants can bust through concrete and asphalt. With gardening, never say never I guess;)

  5. Lisa at Greenbow

    Sometimes I hate to pull weeds from the cracks of the patio. One never knows if one might have some beauty like this if one is patient. Of course some might think one is lazy but no, surely not. 😉

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