Is Your Sunflower a Winner?

  • Post published:08/06/2010
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Sunflowers at the Berkshire Botanical Garden

This is the season for sunflowers – and for a sunflower contest.  The Recorder and the Greenfield Garden Club will hold their Annual Sunflower Contest on Saturday, August 21 at the Energy Park in Greenfield.  There will be ribbons and prizes for the tallest, the largest blossom and the heaviest seedhead, as well as the most blossoms on a single plant AND the most beautiful arrangement. That arrangement must consist mostly of sunflowers.  Entries will be accepted in the Youth class, those under 16, and in the Adult class, which is 16 and older.  There may also be a Judge’s Choice prize.

Did you grow sunflowers this year?  Bring your entries to the Energy Park between noon and 2 pm – then the judging will begin.  You will also be able to enjoy the music of many musician at the John Putnam Fiddler’s Reunion. The music also begins at noon, and will fill the air until dusk.

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  1. Lisa at Greenbow

    I bet this is a fun contest. I didn’t grow any sunflowers, at least not on purpose. The birds have planted many around the garden but they don’t grow very tall. I did find a field of sunflowers the other day while out birding. It was a lovely sight.

  2. I always think of sunflowers as being yellow – not the many beautiful shades of orange, red, and even purple that we’re seeing more and more of. Your photo was a good reminder of that. I don’t have any sunflowers this year, but my neighbor has about 8 that are towering over the fence with huge, 2-foot heads hanging down. I keep waiting for the squirrels to tear them apart!

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