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July 27, 2010

Life will not be denied! is a cry often heard here at the End of the Road. Often as I am pulling out persistent weeds, but sometimes when an unexpected life is discovered, like this petunia coming up through the paving.

In spite of all the heat and drought, the petunia has thrived all summer. No help from us.

This Labor Day weekend our son Chris and his partner Michelle visited. Their French bulldog, Bibi admired the brave petunias.

Bibi the French Bulldog

Bibi is very photogenic. When he is at Michelle Willey’s shop in Boston,  customers are always begging for a photo. Bibi is willing to pose, but autographs are out!

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  1. Lisa at Greenbow

    What a brave little plant coming up through the cracks. We often get volunteers emerging in the cracks of our patio. Bibi is a charming dog.

  2. Carol

    Plants do have an amazing will to live. Your Petunia is precious as is little Bibi!

  3. Jean

    That is one charming looking dog and one super hardy petunia! I love seeing plants like that. btw, I’m sure you’ll get some butterflies at your place soon. Last year they were very late in getting down here. I think I just lucked out in seeing some this past weekend due to the nice weather. But they aren’t here in any big numbers yet.

  4. Pat

    Kylee – Petunias have surprising vitality.
    Carol – Bibi is precious. You should see her in her tutu on Halloween. Actually, I’m not sure it fits anymore.
    Jean – Thanks for the encouragement.

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