Mother Nature Whispered New Life Into Our Wisteria

  • Post published:06/25/2014
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Wisteria June 25, 2014
Wisteria June 25, 2014

Mother Nature whispered new life into our wisteria.

Wisteria May 21, 2014

By May 21, when the wisteria should have been in bloom, I gave up and took this photo, a closeup, hoping I could see some sign of life. My conclusion? No life. I mourned the shade I had been looking forward  to. Still, I kept watering it. Wisteria is a very thirsty plant. No other incentives. In just over a month life has been restored. The piazza and the living room have  shade which is still  increasing. I will continue to water.

I’m almost wordless this Wednesday, but for more Wordlessness click here.

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  1. Nona

    Hooray for renewed life. Nature is full of surprises.

  2. Lisa at Greenbow

    And aren’t you glad of that. Old man winter was in a mood this past winter wasn’t he? Good thing Mother spring was more benevolent.

  3. you made the mosot of your garden With a little help of nature. . 🙂

  4. Sally

    So glad to hear that your Wisteria survived the winter and was revived by spring. You must take lots of pics when it blooms. They remind me of waterfalls……..

  5. Pat

    Nona – Many surprises. That’s why I never worry about procrastinating.
    Lisa – I always count on Mother Nature’s benevolence.
    Sally- While the wisteria revived we only got a few blooms this year, but I don’t mind because for me the value is in the lovely shade over the piazza and the aqueous light in our living room.

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