The Best Wisteria Season Ever

  • Post published:05/30/2012
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My Wisteria

We are enjoying the best wisteria season ever. I don’t know why one year is better than another.

Wisteria - View from the bedroom window
Wisteria at sunset
Wisteria in the morning 5-31

I have chronicalled the history of my wisteria here.  And added a warning here.

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  1. Lisa at Greenbow

    I bet this mild winter is what encouraged your wisteria. It has been a great year for most plants. Your wisteria is covering your pergola very nicely.

  2. Pat

    Lisa – The mild winter probably did encourage the wisteria. I enjoyed the winter, and now I am enjoying the wisteria.

  3. Lea

    Happy Wordless Wednesday!
    Lea’s Menagerie

  4. These are just lovely. Crazy weather evidently has helped make them even prettier this year.

  5. Andrea

    OMG it is so beautiful. The first time i saw Wisteria in Sweden i was smitten. Then I saw it again in Turkey, both countries are temperate so i thought I will not be seeing it again. Then i realized from blogposts like yours that it is a bit invasive, so when i saw a nursery here selling it i didn’t get it or risk it with our very long dry season. It definitely is not for an absentee gardener, and also not drought resistant. I am sad i will not have wisteria at all. Thanks to blogs, i get some consolation.

  6. Pat

    Lea – I can hardly stop myself from going out with the camera a dozen times a day.
    Diane – Maybe we can thank the crazy weather for something.
    Andrea – There are some plants it is best to admire from afar. I keeping the wisteria in check, but I do have to watch.

  7. Mary S.

    Beautiful — and very atmospheric in the foggy shots.

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