Perfectly Pink

  • Post published:04/28/2010
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And now to see how Wordlessly beautiful the world is elsewhere click here.

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  1. Dora

    Esp. like the 2nd pic….nice pinky art!

  2. Pat

    Dora – It seems gold/yellow is the first color of spring, followed by pink.

  3. Rose

    Pink-a-licious! The magnolia tree is my favorite; I wish I still had one here. The hillside full of creeping phlox is gorgeous as well–looks like you are in full spring mode!

  4. Pat

    The magnolia is beautiful, so graceful – and pink. Unfortunately it is not mine. I was running around yesterday, dropping things off, picking things up and attending meetings. I saw lots of pink.

  5. Mattenylou

    Beautiful photos! You’ve captured Spring, so nice!

  6. Carol

    Lovely!! I am wondering if your magnolia got hit by the cold temperatures? Mine has now got bits of brown from the frost. Luckily there are still many buds to come! The pink phlox (?) must be a car stopper … if it is along the road that is… seems so. Very cheery!!

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