Ford is Growing Car Parts

  • Post published:02/07/2011
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Could we be making our cars out of mushroom roots, mycellium, instead of petroleum based plastic? Maybe soon.

One of my most popular posts is about Mycotecture, making strong, rigid insulation out of mycellium from Ecovative, and now David Pogue, host of the PBS Nova series Making Stuff, learns that the Ford Motor Company is making plastic parts for their cars out of wheat grass, and mycellium.

I wonder whether mushroom/mycellium farmers will be able to get agricultural subsidies the way corn and soy farmers do?

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  1. meemsnyc

    Wow, that is so interesting!!

  2. Pat

    Meemsnyc – Innovation is not dead!

  3. Layanee

    Isn’t there a book out ‘How mushrooms will save the world’? Something like that I think. I will have to look it up and report back. Does this mean we could, in a pinch, eat our cars? Hmmmmm…..

  4. Pat

    Layanee – another reader filled me in – the book is Mycellium Running: How Mushrooms can Save the World by Paul Stamets. I thought how handy it would be when the car wears out, it can become lunch and dinner.

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