Growing at the MG Spring Symposium

  • Post published:03/21/2011
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There was a great crowd at the Master Gardener’s Spring Symposium on Saturday. The arrangements were wonderful with a delicious and energizing breakfast buffet, fruit, muffins, juice, coffee and tea – all free.  And later a yummy lunch and great conversation with our fellow gardeners.

There were all manner of workshops from fruit tree pruning to roses!  Naturally I went to hear Tracey Culver, who is a head gardener at Smith College, talk about the roses she grows at home, and at the College. She was a mine of information about the care and maintenance of many kinds of roses. I’m going to pay special attention to the roses the next time I visit Smith.

Sue Reed, author of Energy Wise Landscape Design, filled us in on the many ways we can save all kinds of energy through our landscape design.  Those who couldn’t attend can find all that information in her book.  I’m glad I can refer to the book as I plant my windbreak this spring.

I can hardly wait for next year’s program, but I have plenty to do in the meantime and I am full of spring symposium inspiration!

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