Joyous Attendance at the 104th Heath Fair

  • Post published:08/22/2022
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Ned – at the barn

The 104th Heath Fair takes a lot of people to provide great events and pleasures. Ned is just one of  the people who works at the Heath Fair.  He is watching the attendees look at all the equipment that has found a place in the Solomon Temple barn including books about Heath, and items like a loom that has been used over the years. There is also a raffle – I’ve  got my eye on that quilt!

Bob and Don selling books in the Book Tent

Needless to say the Book Tent is just about my favorite tent. I went back  to the tent to buy books three times! And was sad not to buy any more, not that there weren’t any more good books, but we can  only read so much. Several book lovers – Heath lovers, take turns at the desk.

Brian and Pam

Since we live in Greenfield now, it is great to know that we will meet a lot of friends like Brian and Pam here at the Fair. I guess you can tell that it was hot and sunny at the Heath Fair.

Suzanne and John

Suzanne and John are also great friends – lovers of gardens, art, and The Fair.

Deb, Alice and Chris

Our good friend Deb is going  to have a hard time choosing a piece of beautiful jewelry make by our other friends, Alice and Chris.

Musicians at work

Several groups share  their talents during the Fair days. We are lucky they share their skills with us.

Resting Musicians

Of course, the musicians have to rest – and lovers of their music drop a few dollars as they pass by.


This shed isn’t going to be a barn, but it is going to make someone happy when they take this little “barn’ home.


Wendy, famous for her knitting, has just arrived to join in the fun.

Larry, a drama genius

Larry is a great friend – and he knows how to put a drama together and give us all a good time.

Heath Hall

Here is a bird’s eye view of the Heath Hall where Heathans of all ages can show off their sewing, photographs, painting, handmade quilts, baking, putting up jams and other foods, showing off their vegetables, and their flowers. Everyone in town knows how to make beautiful items.

Heath Hall

The Heath Herald section here is all about the  Heath Herald, our every-two-month newspaper. There is always a lot of information about young scholars, what’s going on, and what the rest of the town is doing.

Heath is a small town, but it is a beloved town for us even now that Henry and I have slipped down the hill to Greenfield.

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  1. betsyr19

    Sorry I missed the fair but I almost feel like I was. Great pictures! Great stories!

  2. Ron Harmon

    The first thing that caught my attention was the very first picture in this article showing Ned at the barn and the sign on the back wall “Peters General Store” instantly brought back memories of my grandparents Leon & Philippine Peters who were the founders and owners of that store that was located on Number 9 Road. I am so glad that the little town of Heath continues to have this fair every year. It certainly is a living history of wonderful times in the past.

  3. Pat

    Betsy – We had a great time, visiting with so many friends. It was a great day.

  4. Pat

    Ron – I am right with you. I was so shocked when I learned Peters General Store was out of business and that it is now a house!

  5. Beth@PlantPostings

    Looks like a fun event! I hope your summer has been great!

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