Turkeys in the Road

  • Post published:04/19/2011
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Yesterday we again saw turkeys walking across the field; they came right up to the end of the road. Turkeys are no longer a rare sight in our neighborhood, however – – –

one day I was visiting a friend and he showed me this – and asked if I could guess what it was.  I could not. It is a well filled turkey crop, that part of a turkey that is an important part of its digestive apparatus.  This wild turkey had been eating corn and beans that had spilled in the barn. When the turkey was butchered everyone marveled at the turkey crop which has to be very strong to hold all the grain it eats, but looks so thin and fragile.

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  1. Lisa at Greenbow

    How interesting. That is a lot of food.

  2. Pat

    Lisa – A lot of food in an amazing container.

  3. Wild_Bill

    Turkey population on this side of town is way down the last couple of years. Still puzzling as to why.

  4. Pat

    Bill – Thank you for this comment. I have noticed that we rarely see turkeys in our field – although I have seen flocks elsewhere.

  5. Interesting, but kind of gross at the same time. I’ve butchered chickens and seen a smaller version of the same. You’d think that turkey would have had indigestion. 🙂 ~~Dee

  6. Pat

    Dee – I also was amazed at how full that crop was – how fast can a turkey eat?

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