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In 1974-75 I was a new gardener living in Maine. I joined the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (MOFGA) where I met wonderful experienced and inspiring gardeners. I also learned about Johnny’s Selected Seeds, a new Maine seed company founded by Rob Johnston, Jr. I was living in North Berwick, but we drove up north to see Johnny’s seed fields and were totally inspired by the health of the plants, the energy of the crew and the vision Rob had of providing good seed to farmers and gardeners. Every vegetable garden I’ve had since then includes seed from Johnny’s.
Over the years, in my Between the Rows column I have recommended Johhny’s Selected Seeds, and I’ve also suggested that people use the catalog itself as a gardening text. There is growing information about culture requirements, seeding, transplanting, harvesting and storage for every crop. Easy to grow crops and container crops are clearly marked.
Johnny’s also understands that gardeners have different needs. They have organic seed, pelleted seed, and regular seed. they have hybrids and heirlooms. You can buy a mini-packet (all I usually need) or pounds of seed.
Today the Johnny’s Selected Seed 200 page catalog includes vegetables, flowers, herbs, cover crops, green manures and all kinds of garden tools and equipment from planting trays to harvesting rakes.
Johnny’s is always encouraging new and experienced gardeners – and bloggers. They are inviting all of you to visit Johnny’s and think about what what delicious delights you could get for $25. I’ll randomly choose from commenters to this site or my blog who send me an email address by midnight Friday, March 13 to receive a $25 gift certificate from Johnny’s. My drawing will be on Saturday March 14 which will give the winner plenty of time to get seeds- or anything else you’d like from the catalog – and get ready for the season.

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  1. Laura

    I LOVE Johnny’s catalog! It has so much info in it that I always consult it whenever I am planning or planting my garden. I have a wish list for each garden catalog that I get in the mail. My list for Johnny’s is already really long, but now you have given me a reason to look for more things to add to it. Thanks for the help. lol.

    I’m really ready for spring!


  2. Kathie Killoran

    Yes, I would love to be considered for the Johnny’s seed giveaway. My current project is what to do about an area that is having it’s diseased hemlocks removed. Annuals won’t do the trick but may fill in before I can get substantial shrubs in place.This is a fun blog, I never know what to expect.

  3. Carrie Healy

    Although we decided to try Fedco seeds for about half of the large garden we are planting this year, we simply can’t achieve a perfect garden without ordering Johnny’s Selected Seeds’ Baby Bear Pumpkins (perfect for my four year old son to manage!) and my absolute favorite Johnny’s seed ever — the extra early, extra dwarf Helianthus Annuus BIG SMILE sunflower, a variety which I started planting about ten years ago.
    The combination of the early mailing of the Johnny’s catalog, the weekly hatching of our heritage turkey poults, and the sap running in Western Massachusetts (50 plus degrees today!) and I am ready for spring. Bring it on!

  4. BJ Roche

    Years ago I did a profile of Rob for the Boston Globe Magazine, a tough assignment during which I spent a GLORIOUS August day at the trial gardens walking around talking with Rob about eggplants and zucchinis. If you ever get the chance to visit Albion, go do it.

  5. Peter

    Johnny’s was the “old reliable” of seed catalogues when our office used to place its communal seed order each winter. The idea was to divide the seed packets and have each participant get her/his seeds started and when the seedlings were ready, divide and share. We never managed to organize cooperative weeding later in the season, however.

  6. Lucca

    Norwalk [CT] magazine, in its current issue, has an article about the many forgotten root vegetables that are heathy, nutritious and delicious (recipes included!) so now I’m starting to salivate at the prospect of Johnny’s seed catalogue. every menu should begin with a seed catalogue!

  7. Trudy Ralph

    Thank you for bringing your website to our attention at the WOW group on Thursday. I am very impressed with the amount of information and the organization of material. I know I will be coming back to your web page often as the season progresses.

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