Johnny’s Selected Seed Giveaway

In 1974-75 I was a new gardener living in Maine. I joined the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (MOFGA) where I met wonderful experienced and inspiring gardeners. I also learned about Johnny’s Selected Seeds, a new Maine seed company founded by Rob Johnston, Jr. I was living in North Berwick, but we drove up north to see Johnny’s seed fields and were totally inspired by the health of the plants, the energy of the crew and the vision Rob had of providing good seed to farmers and gardeners. Every vegetable garden I’ve had since then includes seed from Johnny’s.
Over the years, in my Between the Rows column I have recommended Johhny’s Selected Seeds, and I’ve also suggested that people use the catalog itself as a gardening text. There is growing information about culture requirements, seeding, transplanting, harvesting and storage for every crop. Easy to grow crops and container crops are clearly marked.
Johnny’s also understands that gardeners have different needs. They have organic seed, pelleted seed, and regular seed. they have hybrids and heirlooms. You can buy a mini-packet (all I usually need) or pounds of seed.

Today the Johnny’s Selected Seed 200 page catalog includes vegetables, flowers, herbs, cover crops, green manures and all kinds of garden tools and equipment from planting trays to harvesting rakes.
Johnny’s is always encouraging new and experienced gardeners – and bloggers. They are inviting all of you to visit Johnny’s and think about what what delicious delights you could get for $25. I’ll randomly choose from commenters to this blog or my website who send me an email address by midnight Friday, March 13 to receive a $25 gift certificate from Johnny’s. My drawing will be on Saturday March 14 which will give the winner plenty of time to get seeds and get ready for the season.

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  1. JGH

    Hi Pat – I don't need any more seeds, but just wanted to comment! I got the Johnny's catalog and placed an order with them for the first time this year. The seeds were delivered right away. I think their selection of heirloom & organic is really impressive and better than most of the seed catalogs. I also like the info for planting that comes on each package. A good "one stop shop" for seeds, for sure.

  2. Pat Leuchtman

    JGH – I think you’ll be very happy with your seeds, and I hope you have a fruitful season.

  3. choka162

    The internet makes buying seeds too easy^_^ lol. Thank you for another wonderful resource to fuel my addiction!

  4. Pat Leuchtman

    Choka – I admit that I love trolling through garden and nursery catalogs online.

  5. Carol

    My favorite word right now… seeds. I’ve still got just a few more pepper varieties that I’m looking for…

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  6. Rob

    Thank you for the generous words. And thanks for the business.

    Rob Johnston

  7. Nan

    You know what I really love? Johnny’s developed (is that the right word?) my favorite zucchini of all time – the Zephyr. And as far as I can tell, they are the only folks selling it. Oh, boy is it ever great. Tom got me my birthday request from Johnny’s, a hod! (and I have an aunt in South Berwick!)

  8. Lynne

    Thanks for the great giveaway! I would love to plant some hollyhocks in front of my barn.

    lynne at fairpoint dot net

  9. Pat Leuchtman

    I’m so glad to hear the happy experiences you have had with Johnny’s. One of the pleasures of blogging is passing on recommendations about reputable and helpful companies, and supporting independent businesses.

  10. Rob

    Nan mentioned Zephyr summer squash. Yes, Zephyr is a product of our plant breeding at Johnny’s. In Zephyr’s ancestry is a sweet winter squash called Delicata and a brightly colored one called Jersey Golden Acorn, which give it such good taste and bright color, respectively.

    Thanks a lot!

  11. Kate

    Everyone is so inspiring! It makes me think that even I might be able to grow a zucchini!

  12. cld

    Hey Pat!

    was thinking this morning it’s time to start the seeds. Good intentions, by July the vegetable garden will be awash with weeds — but it’s a new beginning again. Scott and Ferdene [former CSA farmers] and I are planning to road trip up to Johnny’s this year. Wahoo! BTW — have challah for you; can we arrange a drop-off?

  13. Ann D. Travers

    Hi Pat.
    Sign me up! I love Johnny’s. Have for years now. Great selection and excellent quality. And the chance of $25 worth of their fine seed is a thrill! Thanks for offering this fun giveaway.

  14. O.I.M

    hello pat. thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. while we did have a taste of spring in toronto it has cooled down again…what else can we expect from march? So i’m still very much in seed catalogue mode. they provide hours, and hours, and hours of fun and thank goodness ’cause there is little else to do garden-wise in march.

  15. Our Family

    This is my first year starting a garden and that would really help us out!

  16. eschley

    I would love some more seeds! My wife is starting to think I’ve got a prob.

    So far this year I’ve ordered:
    Burgundy Amaranth, Brilliant Celeriac,Halblange Parsnip, Aci Sivri Pepper(Hot), Galeux d’Eysines Pumpkin, Zucchina Costata Romanesco Squash, Persian Lentils, Baxter’s Sweet Corn, French Summer Leek, French Fingerling Potatoes,Brown Sonora Garbanzo Beans, Beaver Dam Pepper(Hot), Pizza Pepper(Hot), Red Chile Pepper(Hot), Greygo Sweet Pepper, Black/Kali Gram Mung, Caro Siberia Tomato, Beam’s Yellow Pear Tomato, Sudduth’s Brandywine Tomato, Caspian Pink Tomato, Black from Tula Tomato, Amish Paste Tomato, Good Mother Stallard Beans, Cherokee (Trail of Tears) Beans, Blue Lake Pole Beans, King Tut Peas.

    Maybe I do have a problem.

  17. Pat Leuchtman

    Ann, OIM, Our Family, and eschley – new gardeners and experienced gardeners can count on Johnny’s, and having a lot of fun in the garden. As far as I am concerned there is no such thing as too many seeds.

  18. soft coeur

    Just happened across this blog in my search for Boston-area gardening sites. Thumbs up!
    So far this spring, I’ve seeded sweet basil, lime basil, oriental poppies, zinnias, sweet peas and parsley.

    rhea dot kappa at gmail dot com

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