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  • Post published:04/18/2011
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Snow in the Sunken Garden

The weekend was chilly and windy; the snow is nearly gone. There was work to do.

Cardinal Richelieu in the Shed Bed

Four potted rosebushes arrived from High Country Roses: Cardinal Richelieu, Agnes, Madame Hardy and Goldbusch. Their arrival inspired me to go out and clean out the Shed Bed which is right next to the hen house.  I could not resist planting Cardinal Richelieu which will add its rosy purple hues to this assortment of pink roses.  You will notice the arrangement of stones around the Cardinal and Mary Rose. Their purpose is to keep the hens from taking dust baths in the newly cleared soil.  The weather cooled down after I planted Cardinal Richelieu so I have covered it with a bucket each night, and it is doing fine.

My husband has been busy removing, not adding to the garden. Naturally I didn’t get a Before picture so the After difference is somewhat subtle. For thirty years we have allowed the old pasture fences, posts and barbed wire, define our space, but no more. The south fence  in the photo above and the west fence have been taken down. The advantage will be greater ease in mowing around the roses to the south, while the western space will allow a stroll to what will become our Windbreak Grove. Yet to be planted.


Slowly, slowly spring is coming. The rhubarb is sending up its ruddy shoots, the garlic is up and the grass is greening.

Don’t forget the Giveaway of Starter Vegetable Gardens by Barbara Pleasant. Leave a comment on the previous post and I will choose a winner on Saturday, April 23.  Good luck to you all.

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  1. Cindy, MCOK

    I know you’re enjoying being able to dig in the dirt again! In my garden, a circle of stones around a plant is to remind me not to step there!

  2. Kate

    Popped over to pay your blog a visit, saw the link to a (new for me) roses website and took off on a shopping spree! I didn’t actually buy anything – it’s too early – but I definitely will. Thanks for tip!

  3. Pat

    Cindy – Circles of stones can serve many functions.
    Kate – Those rose catalogs are so hard to resist.

  4. Lisa at Greenbow

    You have left me with thoughts of a rhubarb pie. It won’t be long by the looks of things.

  5. Pat

    Lisa – And I even have a couple of packages of frozen strawberries left for rhubarb-strawberry pie.

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