Turkey Nest and Eggs – Abandoned

  • Post published:04/18/2012
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Turkey nest

We are putting a (we hope) deer-proof fence around the vegetable garden. When my husband Henry began digging the first post hole a turkey flew up from the weeds right at the edge of the garden. Henry looked and saw she had been sitting on four eggs. The fence had to go up. The turkey has not returned. Fortunately we have been told that the season is early enough and she will be able to lay more eggs. Also fortunately, wild turkey flocks have gained in numbers over the past few year. For more about turkeys click here and here.

I’m only (mostly) Wordless today. For more real Wordlessness click here.

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  1. Bria

    Aww poor turkey

  2. Lisa at Greenbow

    She will hurridly make another nest. She wasn’t finished laying her eggs. They usually lay more. Amazing that they chose your garden to nest in. FUN.

  3. Pat

    I thought it was an odd place for such a shy bird to make a nest – but there hasn’t been much activity in that part of the garden yet. I did read that they often lay more than 8 eggs.

  4. Jason

    I got the impression that wild turkeys are pretty common around Boston. There were several very aggressive ones that used to hang around my brother’s house in that area.

  5. Carolflowerhill

    How wonderful to have wild turkeys nesting so close to your home Pat! I am sure they will find another nesting site and begin again. I need a rabbit fence!

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