Lily Season

  • Post published:08/01/2011
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Daylily Bank

I have not done with posts about my great trip to Seattle to tour amazing gardens with 70+ garden writers  and bloggers, but I am so happy to be home and to see the glories of lily season.  Our Daylily Bank is now in full bloom and it got a lot of attention when the Heath Gourmet Club was here on Saturday night to enjoy a delicieux dinner a la Francais.

Black Beauty lilies

The Black Beauty lilies have been blooming in the Herb Bed right in front of the house for several years, along with a crimson bee balm. A great, but unintentional combo.

Last year I got a little bloom from Lilium henryi (gold) and the White Henry lilies, but this year they are putting on quite a show. There is another white lily with a deep red throat in this group. I don’t know what it is, but I think it was a bonus that came along with a big order I sent Old House Gardens that does have wonderful bulbs.

Seattle skyline

If you do want to see some of  the wonderful sights of Seattle log on to my friend Layanee de Merchant’s post.

Japanese Garden at the Bloedel Reserve

Or see what Francis at Fairegarden had to say about other damp scenes at the Bloedel Reserve.

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  1. Frances

    Lovely lilies, Pat! It was great to see you again in Seattle and get to chat a bit, not enough!, more. Thanks for the linkage. So much to see, but coming home to those lilies seems the perfect topping to the travel sundae.

  2. Lisa at Greenbow

    Your lilies are fabulous. I just love seeing them. I would like to get a mess of these growing in my garden too.

  3. Pat

    Frances – I’m glad you didn’t mind the link. You always tell such a great story.
    Lisa – The daylilies at least are totally carefree.

  4. Faye

    What a glorious picture your lilies make…I miss New England in the summer.

  5. Pat

    Faye – Lilies just sing of summer, don’t they?

  6. Leslie

    Wow Pat! Just lovely!!

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