Bloom Day August 2015 AND Giveaway

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Bloom day tangle Coneflowers, phlox, cosmos and Russian Sage
Bloom day tangle Coneflowers, phlox, cosmos and Russian Sage

On this Bloom Day it is clear I haven’t spent as much time as usual on the Heath Garden. And yet, there are blooms like this tangle of phlox, coneflowers, Russian sage and cosmos. I can always count on cosmos to fill in. I’m trying not to capture the vigor of the weeds.


There is also a tangle of Echinops down in a corner of the Sunken Garden which I often fail to mention.

Casa Blanca lily
Casa Planca lily and phlox

In all the tangles the Casa blanca lily looks calm and serene.

Black Beauty lilies and bee balm
Black Beauty lilies and Bee balm

The bee balm is  a tangle with the Black Beauty lilies that are still going strong, although the blossoms are not as large as usuaal. Crowded? Needing more compost? Investigation required.

Ann Varner Daylily
Ann Varner Daylily

The Daylily Bank is going by, but Ann Varner, a late daylily, is keeping things  going.

Of course t here are a few other things in bloom, heleniums, hydrangeas, thalictrum, Henrii lilies, and the Thomas Affleck rose.  At the Greenfield house the new Knockout Red rose is blooming, as are the hydrangeas. Next year should be much more floriferous on the Shrub and rose bed. I hope.  For more views of what is blooming across this great land go on over to visit Carol, our host, at May Dreams Gardens.

No irises in bloom now, but if you want to take a chance on winning the beautiful book Beardless Iriises: A plant for every garden situation click here and leave a comment at the bottom of the post. I will draw the name of the lucky  winner on August 19.

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  1. Lea

    Love the Lilies!

  2. Denise D Hammond

    Thanks for stopping by to view my garden. I looked at yours this morning and was disappointed not to see your beautiful roses. Love the cosmos and bee balm. Not much luck here with either of them.

  3. Pat

    Lea – The lilies did very well this year.
    Denise – There are a few roses. I thought people might be bored by the never ending photos of Thomas Affleck. At our new garden in Greenfield my new Knockout Red is blooming, but I forgot to take a photo.

  4. fawnjenee

    It’s beautiful!! Love the white lily and phlox!

  5. Rose

    Oh, I love that first photo! These are some of my favorite flowers, and frankly, I like the “tangled” grouping of them. Are you maintaining two gardens now? You must be busy indeed!

  6. Margery Carlson

    Always love your pictures and advice. Thank you.

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